Are You Ready to Serve?

We’ve spent a lot of time this year covering a variety of different topics on this blog. We’ve touched on the COVID-19 pandemic and the successes (as well as plights) of virtual learning. We’ve discussed race, privilege, and education. We’ve also met some incredible current AmeriCorps Members and been re-introduced to a few of our wonderful alumni. What has been missing from our blog this … Continue reading Are You Ready to Serve?

SOH Stories: Simone Lawrence

Every time I read and write about another Schools of Hope Alumni, I feel more and more honored to be a small part of this incredible network of humans. That feeling of vicarious pride swelled when I “met” Simone Lawrence, the subject of our SOH Stories feature this week. Simone describes herself as “unapologetically black and proud, unapologetically LGBTQ+ and proud, unapologetically AFAB and proud, … Continue reading SOH Stories: Simone Lawrence