Staff Spotlight: Karl Johnson

Karl Johnson is the third AmeriCorps alumni on the Schools of Hope Team, so I think it’s pretty safe to assume that all the cool kids are doing a year of service. Maybe you should, too! If you’re interested in getting more involved as an AmeriCorps Member, Karl is your go-to person. As the Program Manager for Schools of Hope, he is in charge of … Continue reading Staff Spotlight: Karl Johnson

Staff Spotlight: Emily Greene

Every ship needs a captain, every team needs a coach, and every literacy project needs an incredible behind-the-scenes support system like our amazing Director, Emily Greene. Emily has been mentoring AmeriCorps Members and changing lives with the Schools of Hope AmeriCorps project for nearly fifteen years, and counting! Emily is especially great at her job because she started on the project as an AmeriCorps Member … Continue reading Staff Spotlight: Emily Greene

Staff Spotlight: Anneke Kingery

Another Madison native in the Schools of Hope crew? No way! Ms. Anneke Kingery is our fantastic Program Assistant, an amazing Mama bear to an adorable one-year-old, and a creative and collaborative member of our team. Additionally, Anneke is also a SOH alumna! She served at Crestwood Elementary and Leopold Elementary school during the 2015-2016 school year. Anneke grew up in Madison, Wisconsin and attended … Continue reading Staff Spotlight: Anneke Kingery