Virtual Learning, Virtually Unequal

I kind of thought Mondays would be more tolerable working from home. Turns out, Mondays suck just as much as before. Maybe like, 0.01% less, if you don’t have to put real pants on.  But they are especially challenging when you are an educator, and ClassLink is down, so the majority of your students are unable to access your Zoom classroom. (ClassLink is the SSO … Continue reading Virtual Learning, Virtually Unequal

White Saviorism vs. White Servitude

The other day I was flipping through a magazine and I stumbled across a quote that stopped me in my tracks. Without hesitation I tore it out, and now I have a tiny, crinkled, ripped piece of paper sitting on my desk. I look at it every morning before I sit down and log onto Zoom, and periodically throughout the day as well. I’ve considered … Continue reading White Saviorism vs. White Servitude