Strengthening Community with Habitat for Humanity

They say home is where the heart is, but I think more importantly than that, home is where your bed is. (And also, where the snacks are). “Home” has taken on a new meaning recently, as we have been staying inside our houses more than ever before. People everywhere have re-evaluated what home means to them, and thousands of people have relocated to a new … Continue reading Strengthening Community with Habitat for Humanity

Black Futures Month

Truth or dare. Dare? Okay cool, I dare you to watch the following video without balling your little eyes out. As we are all aware, February is Black History Month, a special time to honor the history of African-American people in our country and center Black excellence. According to the New York Times, the legacy of Black History Month began in the United States over … Continue reading Black Futures Month

Quarter 3 Updates, and A Snow Day!

We’re already in the third quarter? Snow way! I would like to start this post with some incredibly good news: COVID-19 may have taken away a lot of our favorite things, but it will have to pry snow days out of our cold, frozen fingers. Flip through the gallery below to take a peek at how some of us at Schools of Hope spent our … Continue reading Quarter 3 Updates, and A Snow Day!